Barbara Sorce, RN, BSN

Barbara Sorce RN BSN incorporates her 25 years of hospital clinical experience and the use of universal life force energy in both her IV Nutritional Therapy and Energy Healing treatments to improve life and vitality for her clients.

Barbara believes that conventional and complimentary medicines are especially effective in combination with energy work to promote holistic wellness. Believing we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves, her work guides and bears witness to the healing process in a calm and gentle way with compassionate respect for her clients.

Barbara practices traditional lying on of hands energy healing. She also uses guided imagery, guided relaxation and Tibetan bowl sound healing in her treatment regimens. In a session, light touch is applied to the fully clothed client in a variety of hand positions and techniques to transfer universal energy and promote an even, balanced, and harmonious flow of energy.

The Tibetan bowl sound treatments are given in conjunction with hands-on treatments or as a stand-alone treatment. Treatments can be booked for 15 minutes, ½ hour and for 1 hour sessions. Barbara recommends the addition of energy treatments to potentiate the benefit of other modalities offered at CFIM into the plan of care.

Tibetan bowl sound healing:The metal bowls are placed around the healing table close to the client and are played with mallets. The bowls vibrate in harmonic over and under tones through the table creating waves of energy that moves through the body disrupting patterns, dis-ease, and rigidity in a calming, relaxing and non threatening way. Clients have commented that they feel they are in their own personal temple during a treatment and also say that tension unwinds and they have a sense of heightened clarity and profound relaxation. Barbara uses Tibetan bowl healing to build core energy and promote a peaceful clear mind.

Tibetan Singing Bowl History: An Interview with Lama Lobsang Leshe

Background: Barbara graduated from Columbia University with a BSN in Nursing in 1985. During nursing school she became interested in energy healing and complimentary medicine and began to study and incorporate what she learned into her nursing practice in hematology/ oncology as a bedside nurse. She became an advocate of Therapeutic Touch and taught the technique at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where she also became the spokesperson for their newly started complimentary medicine program. As her enthusiasm and studies expanded she began to use guided imagery and relaxation techniques with her patients to bring them increased comfort.

Barbara studied metaphysics and energy healing, for eight years with the Rev. R. Bruyere, creator of the energy technique known as Chelation, and she was ordained a Minister of Natural Healing with a BS of Natural Healing. She is a collaborative partner in the creation of an energy healing technique called “The Harmony Alignment/ A Bridge to The Future. It aligns the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and is completed in a series of 3 sessions.