Heather Tallman Ruhm M.D.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm is a Board Certified Family Physician whose primary focus is integrative medicine and patient education through individual consultations and group activities. She draws on both her conventional western training and experience with complementary health practices to understand her patient’s individual needs.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm has a particular interest in helping families and individuals who suffer symptoms consistent with the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and has received training from the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Conference. She feels that modern day childhood illnesses such as ADD, ADHD and Autism and their therapies, provide an incredible window into many of the health challenges people of all ages face today. Her work reflects the belief that our bodies are designed to heal and that their capacity to function or recover depends on one’s unique ability to access and utilize important nutrients and to detoxify or eliminate materials that are potentially harmful.

She advocates methods which require active patient participation to promote the body’s own healing processes. This approach is based on the belief that an individual’s health (mind, body, and spirit) reflect one’s history, environment and personal habits and that each must be addressed to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm was born and raised in Montana. She attended Montana State University as an undergraduate and later the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard where she received a Master’s in Public Policy and met her future husband, a New Hampshire native. She then attained her MD degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and completed her Family Medicine Residency in Colorado and Alabama. She practiced ambulatory medicine on the West Coast first with a large HMO and then with an integrative clinic, the Whitaker Wellness Institute, before settling in Southern New Hampshire with her family.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm is also a certified yoga instructor and outdoor enthusiast. She has a life-long interest in nutrition, language, philosophy, gardening and athletics. She brings an approach to wellness that integrates the best of traditional and alternative medicines.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm welcomes patients who want to augment their health care with tests and/or treatments that focus on healing and lifestyle changes. Just as the other practitioners at the Center for Integrative Medicine, she does not accept primary care patients. She is available on a regular part time basis.