Lynda Maguire, LMT

LYNDA MAGUIRE graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1989 with a Fine Arts Degree. Combining her love for the Arts and a strong desire to help others she began school for massage therapy in 1995.

Lynda graduated from NorthEastern Institute of Whole Health where she received training in a variety of massage modalities.

Lynda eagerly seeks to continue learning. Every March she attends the Regional American Massage Therapy Association’s Regional Conference to deepen her knowledge and broaden her skill base. She works at identifying and treating many different acute and chronic myofascial pain conditions to encourage the free flow of the body’s own healing energy.

Lynda is a certified Neuromuscular Therapist. Neuromuscular Therapy incorporates a variety of methods to resolve myofascial pain. NMT techniques include moving and stationary pressure, inhibitory compression, cross-fiber friction, gliding and stretching, to release soft tissue dysfunction and gain increase joint mobility. Lynda likes to combine her training with Hot Stone Massage when necessary to tailor a massage that is right for you.

Lynda is a nature enthusiast and enjoys running with her dogs, yoga, strength training, and spending time in nature riding her horses. She also enjoys time with her family and friends. She lives on a small farm in Concord with her husband, children and many animals. She values the enviornment and takes pride in their renewable energy business that produces Biodiesel.

Lynda feels very privileged to work at the Center which incorporates Holistic Healthcare with Traditional Medicine. She is eager to gain new insight and benefit through this synergistic approach towards improved healthcare.