Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on specific areas of muscle spasm/adhesions. Pre-existing injuries and even injuries that have long healed can still cause such muscle spasms.

Neuromuscular massage therapy can also help other problems that may cause pain such as headaches, TMJ, sciatica and Ischemia. Ischemia is a decreased blood supply, often found in areas of tightened muscles. Nerve entrapment or compression is another condition that causes pain, and is caused by pressure to the muscle by tightness.

NMT can also help relieve pain and tightness due to conditions such as postural or biomechanical problems in which imbalances in posture or the way we move cause pain. The massage therapy pressure is usually applied with the fingers, knuckles or elbow.

At the Center for Integrative Medicine our massage therapists are Pat Smith, Mahrheahnnah Ostroth and Lynda Maguire. To date, only Lynda has received her Neuromuscular Therapy certification.