REIKI (“ray-key”) means “Universal Life Energy”, the energy which enlivens and supports all living things. It is an ancient hands-on healing art from Japan that combines this energy with the power of touch to evoke deep relaxation and peace.
Reiki is applied through the light touch of a practitioner’s hands and does not require removal of clothing. The energy is drawn in by the person receiving the treatment, rather than being sent or directed by the practitioner.

A complete treatment, which lasts 45-50 min., may be done with the client seated or lying down. Anyone, any age, healthy or ill, can benefit from Reiki.

How Can Reiki Benefit You?

* It neutralizes the effects of stress
* It relaxes and rejuvenates
* It balances body, mind and spirit
* It decreases pain and anxiety
* It enhances one’s sense of well-being
* It speeds healing by stimulating the body’s own healing ability
* It dissolves energy blocks
* Reiki can be used along with any other form of treatment
* Reiki is safe and gentle, yet quite powerful